3 prayer sessions, what a day!

It’s been a while, much has happened since my last post! And yesterday has been real amazing!

After a couple of days of doing mundane business, I was having trouble connecting with God. I had no doubt that God and Jesus were still looking out for me, but I couldn’t seem to lift my spirit, which I prayed about. My prayer even felt mechanic, without the passion I usually feel. Trusting the Lord was still leading me, I accepted the status quo in good hopes that I would be able to do Gods work in the near future.

(It’s funny where I used to experience God a few times a year and that did for me, I am now experiencing his presence at least weekly, and often daily. Going a few days without feels like desert time.)

So yesterday God moved again in a wonderful way!


A colleague whom I had spoken with about The Kingdom and the reality of God and spirituality on several occasions previously, had requested to speak with me once more. The situation they were in had become dire over the past couple of months and they asked for assistance. The person complained about having mood swings ever since they had entered into a dysfunctional relationship some years back, the mood swings had become more extreme. The person is still within the sphere of influence of the ex-partner and I was soon convinced their problems were of a spiritual nature. I listened intently and comforted as much as I could. I knew this person was going to be fine and victorious in Christ. For the sake of future reports on their development in Christ I will call this person “Agnes”. After some talk we went to a private office and prayed for her. Again I was impressed that she was in a period of transformation and would come out victorious. The Holy Spirit came over us and comfort and peace welled up within. When I walked back to my office I felt like I was embraced with Gods love, as if angels were walking besides me and I imagined them giving their protection as I made my way back into “the normal” work setting.

Now Agnes had since we last met watched the video “The beginning” of “The last Reformation” movement. I informed her I would be attending another kickstart weekend in Zelhem, The Netherlands the weekend after next. She wanted to join! Through the tears in her eyes I saw hope arise. Then I realised, that after I attended the kickstart weekend in Alkmaar, and was baptised myself, I prayed to God: “please never let me fall back in to just worldly living again!. Please God do not remove your Holy Spirit from me and lead me to do Your Will!” The next work day was the first day Agnes contacted me and our talks about God started. How wonderful that she was led to contact me again in time to come and join me, another colleague whom I will call “Cathy” and my mom. We had booked a 6 person Chalet, she fits right in!


I came back to the office where my other colleague Cathy was sitting behind her desk. She was not feeling well when I came in as if walking on cloud! I was thrilled by what had just happened. Cathy was visibly happy for me and what God had done and then started to apologise that she felt each time God moved in my life she was bringing me down. (She has been growing in understanding of God, and I have prayed for her several times, including two deliverance prayers which had set her free from chronic stomach trouble. She acknowledges this to be true and is building her relationship with God. She will be coming to the kickstart weekend in Zelhem as well and is considering baptism, which I sincerely hope she will do in order to be set free completely.) But here she was identifying a pattern that she would be down when I was on a God given “high”. I recognise the Devils work, trying to cause for a division, for my patience to run out with her, but it will not. As God himself has been patient with me for years and years on end, so to will I be patient with others. She was instantly comforted and we discussed what was troubling her in order to pray against it effectively. And what happened next was extremely interesting!

She said she felt like she didn’t have any emotions. She didn’t feel anything. She then commented, “I’m not depressed or anything”. I fell for it at first and asked whether the term “”lethargy” might be more concise. She confirmed and we stood up to pray. I commanded the spirit of lethargy to go in Jezus mighty name. I continued with more general prayer. I did not feel any specific sensation or change but I ran out of words and did not feel comfortable enough to continue in tongues. We sat down, she thanked me for my prayer, but I already felt it had not had much or any result. Then she stared to tell me about a recent phone call with her mom. Her mom had spoken to a depressed person and during the conversation with Cathy asked her out of the blue whether or not Cathy might be depressed. Cathy told me that that sentence hit her in her being. She denied, but informed me she had felt awkward. Now this is really interesting for me. Her mother loves her very much and would never have purposely passed on an nasty spirit in any way. However, as Cathy is growing in Christ and her light is starting to shine more and more brrightly, the Devil will try to prevent her from coming to Lord even more intently. So what happened here is that the Devil used the “utterance of words” to oppress herl. This spirit of depression had no complete hold over her as she is growing in her understanding of and has accepted Christ, but it was still able to influence her with a symptom of depression, lethargy. This struck us and we immediately stood up again for prayer. This time I spoke directly to the spirit of depression and immediately the atmosphere lifted, and we got the giggles. We just had to rejoice and praise the Lord it was that powerful! Wow!!! This experience contained such a valuable lesson!


That evening I went to visit a friend, Fiona, I had not spoken to for a while. Both of us having young kids, there isn’t much time to arrange get-togethers, let alone get-togethers where we can actually talk in between diaper changing and nose wiping :). This evening we finally had time to catch up!

I shared my experiences of baptism and everything that had happened in between. She was interested having searched for God in the past and taken part in bible studies. She had not however, seen the works of God made manifest as I was telling her about. At the end of sharing my testimony and explaining where the bible commands us (Christians) to

Heal the sick, raise the dead, cure those with leprosy, and cast out demons. Give as freely as you have received! Matthew 10:8

I offered to pray for her. I asked her what she was struggling with in life. She answered “insecurity” and “striving for perfection”. I commended the spirit of insecurity to go, and the striving for perfection to go as perfection is of God. She said she felt something in her chestbone just above the stomach. Prayed again and it was gone. I prayed over her to be cleansed and set free from oppression completely inn Jesus name. I asked her if she would on her own faith accept Jesus into her heart and she did, she asked Him to forgive her, and to come into her heart. The air became energetic, The Holy spirit came over us so strong. Her face became so soft, angelic looking by lack of better description, no tension in her face, no stress. The peace came over her, it was so clear! So beautifull! We hugged. We couldn’t stop hugging and thanking the Lord. She sat down and the peace of God surrounded us. It was beautiful.

I pray this feeling of security, hope, love, peace and understanding on all people! This is given unto all, by the Grace of God who gave us His son Jesus, the perfect lamb, to die for us on the Cross. This gift of salvation which frees us from sin, sin which keeps us from God, is free for us to accept! We can choose life, choose to love God through loving, and fellowship with, His son. Honest and true fellowship. Speaking to Him and confiding in Him even more so than you would to your best friend! I speak out loud to Him where and whenever I’m alone. And yesterday after this full day of prayer, I was singing and rejoicing and speaking in tongues, praising the Lord! My Jesus! My Lord! And yours if you will accept Him!