Baptism – False tongues – Latin!

Last weekend I attended another Kickstart weekend with Torben. I love to see Gods power at work and it was great to come together with so many like-minded people!

Many things happened, good teaching, people baptized and set free. I was watching a friend of mine baptizing someone in a nearby lake. There was crowd of about 200 hundred people there. That person getting baptized was having quite a fight within him but of course was delivered and filled with the Holy Spirit eventually. It was beautiful. He was elated! I spoke with him afterwards and we continued praying in the Spirit, Gods presence was so strong and he was just so happy!

Then a young lady came to us and she asked us if we would pray for her. I sensed she was very much bound by a demonic presence. I said of course, and asked what was it she needed prayer for? She said she had given her life to the devil at the age of 13. Ok, I thought, this might take some time. I also figured it was a great opportunity for the newly baptized guy to pray along and experience his new identity as a disciple of the real biblical messiah, Jesus Christ.

I asked her where she was at in terms of repentance, water baptism and baptism of the Holy Spirit. She said she was baptized this last January. So I didn’t think of baptism and we started praying and pretty soon something started to manifest. In intervals of loud screams and wrestling she would fall silent. She even spoke something that sounded like Latin at one point which I have not seen before, some thought she was praying in tongues, but I sensed it was not of the right sort. We kept praying until I got a clear thought that she needed to be Baptized. The thought wasn’t my own as I was under the impression she had been baptized. So then I asked her, are you willing to repent and get baptized and she agreed. So we helped her up (we were now with about 6 people praying for her, one of whom later appeared to be her betrothed!). Once in the water she repented and asked Jesus to be her Lord. We baptized her and immediately she was delivered when she came up out of the water! It was amazing. her whole complexion changed! Her smile was soft and kind, no longer a smirky arrogant one. She was so happy! We all were and we praised God and rejoiced together. It was wonderful.

Afterwards she said she had prayed whom she should go to to seek help. She told us God had shown her eithher to come to us or to this other lady. The lady was called away before she could speak with her and so she came to us. The fadt that she came to us and that it appeared that the baptism was a key element to her final deliverance was a strong message for me as the week prior I had been questioning whether baptism was really always necesary. The answer is yes! If you want to be free and be able to recieve the Holy Spirit, a full water emersion cleansing is necessary.

Notice the instructions the apostel Peter gave to thousands of people who asked what they should do in order to receive eternal life. His first directive was to “REPENT.” His second was to “. . . be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit” (Acts 2:38).

Now not all baptisms are the same. Everyone is different. Every baptism is different. Some people don’t experience a fight and are immediately filled with the Holy Spirit. This experience was specifically good for me, as it clearly showed me once more the power of repentance and the washing away of sins through the baptism to Jesus.

Thank you Father, I pray that you will open the eyes of the heart of anyone who stumbles across these pages; that your kingdom will grow on earth as it is in heaven; that people will choose to turn back to you and walk in your power and your love and come to a greater understanding of your great plan of redemption for us all.





Kickstarted in a mall in Alkmaar

During the kickstart weekend the attendees, after receiving some teaching, were divided into groups and sent out to different public locations in Alkmaar to get kick-started. To approach people, tell them about the Gospel and offer to pray for them.

Some people of the public weren’t interested at all. But after some persistence I did get to speak with and pray for a few people. I met a young lady in a wheel chair who had Down Syndrome. The chair was manoeuvred behind a construction pillar in the shop so I could’t approach her directly. I asked the young man pushing the wheelchair if I could pray for the lady. He was her care taker and didn’t see why not! He said she couldn’t speak very well but she was able to understand what I said. So he moved the wheelchair and I knelt down in front of her. Picked up her hands, introduced myself and explained to her I was going to pray for her. She was clearly amused and responded with sound in excitement. I continued to explain that I was going to pray for her in the name of Jesus and then she sat up straight and said: “Jesus? Him I have seen!” Wow! That was amazing! I was astonished and replied that that was wonderful! So we could pray together! I continued to pray for her general health and safety and that she may walk again some day. Argh…’some day’… not a very specific prayer, still building up faith here. Nevertheless she clearly enjoyed the contact and we waived our goodbyes.

Then I noticed an elderly man sitting on a bench in the mall. Great, that meant he had some time to spare. I approached him and explained I had experienced some wonderful things in Christ and I would like to share these experiences with him. He was very clear about his non-belief. He was quite adamant there was no God and there was no way Jesus could heal him either. In fact if he did then he would buy me a diner! I noticed he was wearing hearing aids in both ears and asked if I could pray for his ears. Absolutely not! Then his wife came towards the bench looking a little puzzled. I acknowledged she must be wondering “What is this young lady up to with my husband?”. When I explained I had offered to pray for her husband which he refused I noticed her interest. I offered to pray for her instead and she was happy to accept prayer.

I asked her what I could pray for, did she have any pain in her body? She confirmed she had a painful knee. It always hurt when she was walking about. So I prayed a simple prayer in the name of Jesus over her knee, and she took some steps and the pain was gone! My first healing experience! Wow. Then I continued to pray for her ears as she was also wearing hearing aids. Then the husband started pulling my sleeve and demanding I pray for him! Haha, brilliant. Now I would love to conclude that his or her ears were healed that day, but they weren’t. I believe that the process of healing was started though and I wouldn’t be surprised if later that week either of their ears would start to function properly again. That perhaps it was a proces. But I cannot, unfortunately, confirm whether this happened.

What did happen, and what is essentially is far more important, was that when I asked him whether he wanted to be forgiven of sin and accept Jesus into his heart did! He stood up, asked Jesus into his heart, and with tears in his eyes asked me to arrange for a diner date with him and his wife! I was thrilled! He exclaimed how happy his children would be once they heard he had once again accepted Jesus back into his heart! Tears welled up in my eyes too. I refused the diner though, thinking I was being humble by doing so. But now I regret that so much. I should have had dinner with them and further shared the Gospel and my experiences with the good Lord from since I was young. I trust they will receive my continued long distance prayer though. But the lesson I learnt here is to keep a business card on me to give away so that people can keep in touch if they feel the need to.

All in all good experiences and lessons learnt.

The kickstart weekend – healing ulcerative colitis.

Thursday evening, the day before the weekend was going to start, my mom and I attended the premier of the Last Reformation movie. Very inspiring and again an eye opener. It’s really so simple, just live the way Jesus did. Accept the authority given to the body of Christ and do the works Jesus commanded us to do. Brilliant video, I recommend it to all.

Then the weekend started. Approximately 500 people attended. The teaching was very good. The emphasis being on Jesus and his first disciples. Some really great examples given and testimonies shared. Some 30 modern day fellow disciples of Jesus were present to help kickstart people. All praying for those who came forward.

I needed prayer too. Having battled what was diagnosed to be a chronic illness called ulcerative colitis since 2011, I needed healing. A year ago the colitis flared up again despite medication and inflamed more of my colon than before. The specialist said I should take an immunosuppressant called prednisone. My whole being cringed at the thought and I knew that was not the way to go. I looked up everything about nutrition and diet and effects on the digestive system and came to the conclusion that a lack of micro nutrients, minerals especially, and diet high in gluten was the cause of my grave situation. (BTW did you know the average medical specialist received maybe 1 hour of education on nutrition during their entire education?) Our bodies are the most magnificent machines ever created and they rely on a good source of God’s created nutrients in order to function properly, see also Dr Peter Glidden on 90 essential nutrients.

I radically turned around my diet. Cutting out anything that contained gluten and taking vitamin and mineral supplements (the latter I still believe to be very important as our food is not as rich in nutrients, especially minerals, as it was some decades ago). Indeed I had found significant changes for the better for almost a year during which I took little to no medication. My specialist was surprised I had tamed the flare by diet. Unfortunately a year later the colitis flared up again and I blamed it on a soup I had eaten which by accident contained regular spaghetti instead of the gluten free kind. Since that flare of October 2015 I had to start taking the regular medication again. I have not been able to cut down the medication since without the symptoms coming back one or two days later. In fact a week before the kickstart I forgot to take my medication two days in a row and the symptoms re-appeared the third day.

So there I was, 12 February 2016 in Alkmaar. I walked forward and asked one of those who were offering prayer to pray for my healing. They commanded all sickness and disease to leave my body in Jesus’ name. They commanded all tissue to recover an be healed. I claimed that healing. And stepping out in faith the first thing I did was to go and buy a regular sandwich, thank God for it and enjoy it as my first conscious gluten containing meal in a year. And then it all dawned on me. I still believe a gluten free diet can do you good if you have digestive problems and you do not have faith in God yet. At the same time I have now come to understand as well that all the focus I had put on food and seeking alternatives for gluten containing foods could have been put into worship and trusting God for my healing. My lack of faith and lack of trust caused me to require medication and natural remedies. And don’t get me wrong, I do believe God in his grace has given us great advance in medical science. And I am thankful that this medication exists while we humans lack the faith in God that really we should all have attained by now, by 2016…

So now I’m writing this article it is 2 March 2016. I’m three weeks on since that Friday 12 February when I was healed and I stopped taking the medication cold turkey. And my bowel movements have been fine up to two days ago. I was worried the symptoms were re-appearing. But I now believe it is just an upset stomach as my daughter was having similar symptoms. I keep reminding myself and my body, that on 12 February 2016 I was healed by Christ and the day following on 13 February I was baptised. I died and rose with Christ that day and my body belongs to Him. There is no room for the devil to wreak havoc. This body is now a temple that houses the Holy Spirit. It is therefore perfect and I thank God everyday for it. Now while I’m writing this there is still a little voice in the back of my head that worries at times. But I have no ear for it. I will be perfectly honest about how things progress. And as if God is reassuring me at this very moment (which I truly believe He is) my toilet break was again perfectly normal just now! 🙂 (update of 4 March: I just found a testimony on colitis which describes the process well)

UPDATE: 19-2017
I’ve had a few minor symptoms since this post. Each time I have rebuked the Devil, aksed my friends to join in on prayer and now a little more than a year later I am completely off medication for months now. Before that but since the first prayer, I have not needed anything heavy just the minimum medication on occasion, but nothing like lifelong prednisone! It is really true, “resist the Devil and he will flee”! This means to resist always, not just once. It was a psychological and spiritual fight, I have grown in the process and come out victorious, thanks to God, thanks to Jesus, thanks to the people he put on my path to help in prayer!

I’m not apologetic for the detail here. Feeling ashamed about anything is a perfect way for the devil to keep you in his power. Do not be ashamed of anything that is holding your thoughts or your body captive. Rather bring it into the light, ask someone to pray for you and with you and then let it go and have faith. No matter how dreadful you believe whatever it is that is consuming your attention to be, whether sickness, disease or sin. Christ is bigger. Trust in and call on Him!

So how do you get back on the trust track?

  1. Confess your lack of trust. Read Psalm 51:17; Psalm 86:11; Psalm 51:10
  2. Ask God to re-deposit a hunger for His Word into your heart. Read Psalm 40:8; Hebrews 4:12
  3. 3. Recommit the details of your life—big and small—to God. Read Psalm 37:5
  4. Repeat steps 1, 2 & 3 each day until your trust returns.

For more scripture on trust, truth and triumph click here.


events leading up to my attending the kickstart weekend

January 2015 I fell ill to a crazy out of nowhere pneumonia. At first I didn’t feel ill and besides coughing there was nothing to warn me I was becoming very ill. Finally after a month or so of coughing, the doctor confirmed it was pneumonia and I should take it easy. I explained I didn’t feel ill, in fact I was still very energetic, and perhaps I was on the road to recovering already. The doctor agreed. A week later, still coughing, back to the doctor’s office. The pneumonia had progressed and I received antibiotics. Only then did I really fall ill and was in bed for the next two weeks, with severe shortness of breath and no energy. Recovery to the point where I could return to work took 6/7 weeks.

During this “bed and couch ridden time” I started to look up testimonies of people who had experienced God and more specifically, and importantly, Jesus Christ. I wanted to get to know Jesus better, and besides the awesome biblical accounts of Him, I wanted to know Him as He is working in people today.

On basis of past experiences, and on praying that the Lord would help me to find the testimonies He wanted me to learn from, I was able to discern honest accounts of people who claimed they had met Jesus whether in a dream, vision or out of body experience. I realize this (besides the rest of this website ;)) remains debatable, it is not my intention to convince anyone through second hand experiences. But these experiences did help to build my faith to come to the point where I am at now. I have through the work of God delivered 1 person and healed another. It’s still early days for me but God is working in an amazing way and I know there will be more and more experiences I can share with you as I continue to step out in faith and while I am still learning and growing too!

Matthew 19:26 –  Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

There are some truly amazing testimonies out there, and where I can I will put in links to those that I discern to be genuine. It helps that I have experienced the love of God as well as the trickery and seduction of demons in my life to discern this. I’ve had several out of body experiences too. But they usually left me in confusion. During most of those experiences it wasn’t God prompting me to come out of my body. It must have been something demonic. Nevertheless I know now God allowed me to experience these things, turning evil around for the good. For me to continue to grow spiritually during this time (this goes back years). So much so that I knew to call on Jesus during the latest out of body experience where I was under attack by a demon that had morphed itself into looking like an old friend of mine. When it turned ugly and I recognised it wasn’t my friend, I called out to Jesus and I fell right back into my body. I knew then how very real and timely His power is.

I needed more of Him. I was so hungry for wisdom, for his pureness, righteousness and love. I found more media content. I started to watch Sid Roth, and research the people he interviewed. Now try not to stumble over doctrine and details you may not agree with. Here too you will find some awesome testimonies and some real keys to living life to the fullest and seeing the magnificence of our creator God.

I started listening to beautiful and joyous gospel music, from Freddy Hayler to Aaron Neville. The young messiah and others. Through the music I could worship daily and found myself being overwhelmed with joy and other times with sadness too. Sad that I found this beautiful and gracious truth while so many still choose to condemn it and mock those that have found it.

I found a pentecostal church not far from my home town. Now I believe that church takes place anywhere two or more people talk about God’s Word and/or where they pray together. But I needed a place to go to so that I could worship in fellowship with others. This pentecostal church meeting was held in a school building where one of the classrooms was allocated as prayer room before the service. One hour of prayer before the service! I had never experienced this setting before. I sat there with a handful of others who started to pray out loud in turns. Sometimes some of them prayed in tongues. I was so happy to just sit there and pray along with them. Then I felt energy build up into my chest area and I felt I had to pray out loud too. I was nervous as I wasn’t eloquent in prayer yet (and you don’t have to be!!!) . And when I started to pray out loud I felt connected. I started to cry. And I cried so much, tears and snot were running down my face. I couldn’t help it. I think I satiated a whole toilet role. I was overcome with emotion. Very powerful. Where I used to cry a lot during my teenage years, since my late 20’s I hardly ever cry at all.

Mid January 2016 I fell ill for the second time this winter. With flu like symptoms I just couldn’t get out of bed. I asked God what was up, as I had never experienced having the flu twice in one winter before. And so I felt I was being “kept home” in order to do some more research. However on day one I couldn’t keep my eyes open, let alone read anything. Day two I still couldn’t concentrate enough to read anything. But listening to YouTube was fine. I quickly found myself listening to more of Torben’s videos.

The next day I looked up his website. And I couldn’t believe it! He and his team were coming to The Netherlands! To Alkmaar! I immediately enlisted myself and my mother. There was no doubt in my mind. We were going, and we were going to get kick-started!

The Pioneer School – The Last Reformation

Performing miracles, healing and deliverance is easy once you are set free from doctrine, man made ritual and doubts. These videos are a real eye opener taking you back to the authentic teaching of Christ and his first disciples. Let go of the middle man, and go straight to Christ and the Father and you will experience his Holy Spirit.


Source: The Pioneer School – The Last Reformation