Baptism – False tongues – Latin!

Last weekend I attended another Kickstart weekend with Torben. I love to see Gods power at work and it was great to come together with so many like-minded people!

Many things happened, good teaching, people baptized and set free. I was watching a friend of mine baptizing someone in a nearby lake. There was crowd of about 200 hundred people there. That person getting baptized was having quite a fight within him but of course was delivered and filled with the Holy Spirit eventually. It was beautiful. He was elated! I spoke with him afterwards and we continued praying in the Spirit, Gods presence was so strong and he was just so happy!

Then a young lady came to us and she asked us if we would pray for her. I sensed she was very much bound by a demonic presence. I said of course, and asked what was it she needed prayer for? She said she had given her life to the devil at the age of 13. Ok, I thought, this might take some time. I also figured it was a great opportunity for the newly baptized guy to pray along and experience his new identity as a disciple of the real biblical messiah, Jesus Christ.

I asked her where she was at in terms of repentance, water baptism and baptism of the Holy Spirit. She said she was baptized this last January. So I didn’t think of baptism and we started praying and pretty soon something started to manifest. In intervals of loud screams and wrestling she would fall silent. She even spoke something that sounded like Latin at one point which I have not seen before, some thought she was praying in tongues, but I sensed it was not of the right sort. We kept praying until I got a clear thought that she needed to be Baptized. The thought wasn’t my own as I was under the impression she had been baptized. So then I asked her, are you willing to repent and get baptized and she agreed. So we helped her up (we were now with about 6 people praying for her, one of whom later appeared to be her betrothed!). Once in the water she repented and asked Jesus to be her Lord. We baptized her and immediately she was delivered when she came up out of the water! It was amazing. her whole complexion changed! Her smile was soft and kind, no longer a smirky arrogant one. She was so happy! We all were and we praised God and rejoiced together. It was wonderful.

Afterwards she said she had prayed whom she should go to to seek help. She told us God had shown her eithher to come to us or to this other lady. The lady was called away before she could speak with her and so she came to us. The fadt that she came to us and that it appeared that the baptism was a key element to her final deliverance was a strong message for me as the week prior I had been questioning whether baptism was really always necesary. The answer is yes! If you want to be free and be able to recieve the Holy Spirit, a full water emersion cleansing is necessary.

Notice the instructions the apostel Peter gave to thousands of people who asked what they should do in order to receive eternal life. His first directive was to “REPENT.” His second was to “. . . be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit” (Acts 2:38).

Now not all baptisms are the same. Everyone is different. Every baptism is different. Some people don’t experience a fight and are immediately filled with the Holy Spirit. This experience was specifically good for me, as it clearly showed me once more the power of repentance and the washing away of sins through the baptism to Jesus.

Thank you Father, I pray that you will open the eyes of the heart of anyone who stumbles across these pages; that your kingdom will grow on earth as it is in heaven; that people will choose to turn back to you and walk in your power and your love and come to a greater understanding of your great plan of redemption for us all.





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