Prayers answered next day

Today has been a really wonderful day. The beauty of it started yesterday. I went over to my colleagues house, whom got baptised as well. (Three colleagues got baptised in the mean time, one was baptised by me and another colleague, such a beautiful experience.)

So I went to my friends house to meet her mother and also to hopefully be allowed to pray for her. She was having a rough time having lost her husband a few years back.

I knew about the family but I’d never met anyone yet so it was great to finally meet her. The evening was lovely, and she agreed to receive prayer. Gods presence was so strong it brought much peace. When I left I was singing in tongues in the car and praising the Lord as I still felt filled with His joy. I knew the prayer in the house and the continued prayer in the car would take effect.

I continued to lift up in prayers the names of other people, particularly of staff at work. One of them whom I had provided some encouragement and offered prayer a while back, but had not answered my email since August. I prayed God would increase the hunger in their heart to know more of Him, and that if He wanted me to play a role in this I would love to do so.

The very next morning I came in to work. My colleague for whose mom I prayed the day before was beaming, her mom had really enjoyed the evening and seemed to have found new energy, she “livened up” so to speak. My colleague was so happy!!

Since her baptism she had relayed bits and pieces of what she had been experiencing and my name had popped up as we often discuss our experiences together. Naturally the family would question who is this person that “led” her to get baptised. She said any doubts her mother may have had had left. I had given her the new book of Johnathan Can, “The book of Mysteries”. She treated it as a precious gift and would start to read it. My colleague and I rejoiced, as my colleagues fear for her mother’s lethargy since the passing of her husband had been lifted.

Then in came an email, the other staff member I had prayed for last night, who hadn’t responded to my offer to help for weeks, contacted me by email first thing in the morning! Fantastic! He asked to receive prayer, he said he wasn’t ready just yet but hoped to meet with me in November. I can’t wait!