Rebuke the Devil by healing for God

We celebrated my mothers birthday one Sunday. My mother and I had not long before attended the Last Reformation Kick Start weekend in Zelhem. My mother was eager to share our experiences with the rest of the family. Unfortunately one of the in-laws was not amused about about the experiences she was sharing about healing and deliverance. The conversation quickly and amazingly turned ugly.

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Ephesians 6:12

To make a long story short, the discussion was ended and the in-law and their family left ion reasonably good terms, but the damage already seemed to have been done.

I refused to let the birthday end like this. To have the Devil disrupt and take away my mothers joy and the joy of everyone who came to celebrate. I prayed to God that we may manifest His Spirit and prove that the experiences my mother shared were truthful.

As the rest of us walked to the car park, a young lady on crutches came towards us. She was of Indian descent and accompanied by her mother. I was walking in the middle of the group and when we passed each other I asked her directly, what happend to your foot?

She and her mom stopped and she shared she had broken all her toes during a kickboxing match. It made me smile as I had recently learned of another “street healer” who had healed a guy who broke a bone in his fist from fighting. God want to reveal himself to all and it is not up to us to judge who has the greater sin. We have all sinned…

So I asked her if I could pray for her foot and she said yes. I leaned down, prayed in Jesus name and she immediately felt improvement. Prayed one more time and she was astonished. Asked me ow I did it. I explained it’s Jesus! I was too excited myself to continue explaining the Gospel to her, instead I called back the two family members who had walked ahead for them to see what happened. Those behind me stopped and looked on as well. I wished her a great day and she walked off and while she walked off we could all see her firstly give one crutch to her mom and then the second and she walked perfectly normal, still looking about in amazement. Wow! Thank you Lord!


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